Friday, March 6, 2015

Not So Deep Thoughts

I used to keep a family blog back when my kids were funny and I had things I wanted to document and remember (now they're boring less funny and they smell weird, especially the boy), and every once in awhile I'd do a post of just bulleted things, an emptying of my head if you will.
Since the first weekend of February I've participated in DNOW at my church, the IF:gathering, the JustOne online conference (from Leading & Loving It), and the Radiant Conference at Celebration Church (thanks Evelyn!!). If you're keeping track, that's 4 big deal spiritual events in 5 weekends. My brain is SO. FULL.
So much that I'm in, like, a Jesus fog or something. Not a bad place to be, true, but there needs to be an emptying. Reader be warned, randomness awaits; an odd mix of deep thoughts and useless information, or maybe not so useless (I'm talking to you, dry shampoo users). I need to get some of the dumb stuff out to more effectively ruminate on the relevant.
Grab on. This is happening.

  • If God ever calls us north (and this could mean Oklahoma or higher) I'm convinced the only way I'll survive is to become a hermit. I will wear only warm cozy sweats and have my groceries delivered. I will probably develop an online shopping addiction. That's real. It got down to 27 degrees a couple nights ago. I was asleep when that happened, but the next day it was, like, 34 degrees and I thought Jesus was about to come back. This is central Texas, y'all. We don't do cold. Unless it means eating ice cream.

  • Roasted broccoli is delicious. Salt and olive oil, 375 degrees for an hour. You're welcome.

  • Christine Caine is officially one of my favorite people, third only to my family (they count as one) and Jen Hatmaker. If I'm being honest, Jen is probably more favorite because I know her, so that helps. If I didn't, she and Christine would definitely have to have a street fight to determine their ranking. That's really the only logical way to settle it. For the record, I asked Jen and she said Chris wins hands down. I'm not convinced.

  • Speaking of Chris Caine, I heard her speak twice last weekend and realized that twice in one day is more than enough. I thought my head would explode. I definitely only heard half of what she said because I must write it ALL down, and I can't listen and write at the same time.  Here's some of what I got though:
    • You can hear 48,000 sermons about how loved you are, but until you fall passionately in love with Him and serve out of that passion, it's just obligation.
    • We've made Christianity a behavior modification program. We need a generation of Christians who will stop acting like Christians and BE ONE.
    • We are not called to live life and "do witnessing"; we are called to live lives that bear witness.
    • We are not here on this earth for self actualization. We are indentured servants to Christ.

  • My hair is growing and with that comes a weird texture that requires me to actually spend some time on it. With a lot of sweet talk and empty promises to protect it with that thermal spray stuff I can sometimes get some waviness. After an unholy amount of time on pinterest, I was convinced that sea salt spray would be a wise purchase. On clean hair, I am a fan. However, please hear me for the love of all that is soft and silky; on day two, following a healthy dose of dry shampoo, it is a tool of the devil. Dry shampoo and sea salt spray are not friends. Please don't test me on this. Just trust.

  • Starbucks now has coconut milk. I'm dairy-free so I'm always grateful when alternatives are offered in the mainstream market. I've been happily drinking soy lattes for years, but was intrigued at the prospect of a coconut milk latte. Never again.  

  • Last week I started Donald Miller's new book Scary Close. It's a good read. On page 54 he mentions Ben Rector, a singer/songwriter. Please go right now and listen to some of his music. You won't be sorry. A voice like buttah.

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, IF:equip (and all other things IF:) has been such a blessing in my life over the past 5 or so months. I love getting up in the morning and having a daily reading with a community of believers who process through the scripture and share what the Lord is teaching them. I always come away with a new perspective on something.

I feel sufficiently emptied. Those are all my thoughts. Thank you for reading.
You are now free to roast some broccoli, perhaps while listening to Ben Rector's 'Making Money.'

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Kristen Kellough said...

I feel like I should comment in bullet form as well..

-While no one here referes to VA as the north, it totally is for me, and I SO feel the same way as you even after enduring two winters. We've had multiple days in the single digits, and it's downright awful.
-I'm going to have to try roasted broccoli. I've tried asparagus, squash, and zucchini. Broccoli is now next on my list.
-I heard Christine speak at Passion one year and it was unbelievable. That's all I need to say.
-I have SO tried sea salt spray and dry shampoo together. It was disgusting. I ended up just washing it out and wearing a wet braid to spite the beauty gods. Have you tried the sea salt spray on damp hair? I use the Not Your Mother's brand and it works pretty well!
-Noted on the coconut milk. I suggested to one of my friends who is a barista that they get almond milk, so that should be happening any day now. You're welcome.
-I have been wanting to read Donald Miller's new book as well, so maybe I'll get on that! It's funny he mentioned Ben Rector. He's probably one of my favorites ever. "Forever Like That" and "When She Comes Around" are SUCH GOOD SONGS!
-I did the JustOne conference too and I LOVED it! I hope they do another one.

That is all. It was so good to see you a few weeks ago!