Welcome to my fishbowl...

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t in a fishbowl, a glass house, under a microscope; call it what you will. My dad was a bi-vocational worship pastor from the time I was 7, and then took a full-time position when I was 13. At the age of 20, I moved from one fishbowl to another when I married my youth pastor husband. After 25 years living in ministry, it’s still something I learn from; about myself, about others, about the Lord.
Ministry is hard, and its messy, no matter what your title or level of involvement. The longer I’m on this journey, the more I come to realize how important it is to have women in my life that are on the journey as well, in some capacity; not to gossip or complain, but to walk alongside, encourage, support, relate to, ask questions, and sometimes reassure me that I’m not crazy.
My prayer is that this will provide a place for pastors wives and women in ministry to receive support and encouragement, and perhaps be the ones to give some out as well.
Welcome to my fishbowl.

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