Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Freed Up for Joy

The thematic posts on friendship are coming to an end. I think.
I still have another week left in the book, so I'm not promising it won't leak into another post sometime in the near future.

The Lord has taught me a lot about myself thru this study, and I'm actually still in process mode to some extent.
He's been so faithful to allow me to cross paths with some people over the last few weeks that have been so encouraging. Whether it be a blog or Facebook comment, an email, a text, or a kind word in person, I appreciate everyone's sentiments and honesty in their struggles with friendships.

I've realized that my issue isn't so much a lack of people to be friends with, but rather my mindset and ideas of friendship.
And while I have been wounded in the past and it has tended to color my view of how relationships work, I need to forgive and move forward.
Jen Hatmaker says, "Forgiveness leads to vulnerability, which feels too risky after a betrayal. But your forgiveness does not open you back up to injury. It frees you up for joy again. It allows you to release the hurt and bitterness; they are so heavy to carry."

I intend to be freed up for joy.
How about you??

Leave a comment on this post about 1) something the Lord is teaching or has taught you about friendship, or 2) something that gives you joy in a friendship.
I'll pick a comment at random (There are generators for that. It's legit.) and that person will win a copy of Jen Hatmaker's book Girl Talk: Getting Past the Chitchat.
I'll pick and post the winner next Tuesday, September 16.

Until next time......

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Caitlyn Wymer said...

One of the greatest joys of friendship for me is knowing that I can be self-pitying, nosy, vulnerable, and snarky around these few girls, not be judged, and then end up laughing my head off. I can be my weakest self around them, and they will come sit in my sackcloth and ashes with me, then put a crown of joy on my head.